Weezer, "Death to False Metal"

52 Billboard Rating

Weezer's Kiss-loving frontman Rivers Cuomo has always had delusions of metal grandeur. On the aptly titled "Death to False Metal" compilation, many of the revisited outtakes from Weezer's discography aspire to metaldom heights but land somewhere in the modern rock stratosphere. Massive riffs and raging vocals come through clearly on "Everyone," a song whose only redemption is an angular, synth-like guitar solo. Most longtime fans are looking to hear Weezer's old cleverness: tongue-in-cheek songs you can laugh with, not at. The Southern California quartet gives listeners just that with the tunes "Trampoline" and "Odd Couple," which hover near kitschy, catchy power-pop. "I got a PC, you got a Mac/I'm giving you flack for your AirPort," Cuomo sings on "Odd Couple." Taking it one step further, "I'm a Robot" sounds like a prime candidate for "Yo Gabba Gabba!," while the group's cover of Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart" is so bad it's good. Simply put, Weezer needs to exorcise the metal demons and find a balance that works.

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