Ke$ha, "We R Who We R"


At this early point in her career, Ke$ha has become a master at juxtaposing semi-rapped verses with glittery choruses that percolate on modern pop radio. Instead of straying from the "TiK ToK" formula, "We R Who We R," the first offering from the singer's forthcoming stopgap album "Cannibal," smartly maximizes Ke$ha's most appealing qualities. She sinks her teeth into the minimal synth stabs and handclaps of the intro, and tosses off deliciously bratty declarations like "We make the hipsters fall in love/When we got our hot pants on and up." As the Dr. Luke-manufactured beat builds into a fist-pumping jam, Ke$ha's voice carries the same radiant positivity as the shimmering chorus of previous hit "Your Love Is My Drug." With its No. 1 debut on the Hot 100 last week, "We R Who We R" demonstrates that Ke$ha still has mileage left in her electro-pop sound as she gears up for her next album.