Chris Willis, "Louder"

65 Billboard Rating

Following the decision to depart from gospel music to explore electro-pop, Chris Willis broke out as a vocalist alongside Fergie and LMFAO on David Guetta's energetic single "Gettin' Over You" earlier this year. "Louder (Put Your Hands Up)," his new solo single, uses hard-hitting beats and a huge chorus to show that Willis can cater to dance music fans on his own. The pounding percussion adds a sense of urgency as Willis sings, "Take another sip of the premium/Let's keep the drama down to a minimum/Just turn the music up to the maximum." During the hook, the track's busy synthesizers go into overdrive and Willis hits a soulful groove that rises above the Auto-Tune effects. With "Louder," he proves that his featured appearance on Guetta's all-star single was no one-off.