Atomic Tom, "The Moment"


Atomic Tom scored a hit in the viral video world when the band used its iPhones to perform the song "Take Me Out" on a New York subway car. For its full-length debut, "The Moment," the group fuses electro-pop with classic British rock, revealing that it can be equally as captivating when holding actual instruments. The beginning of the track "This Is How We Like to End" features a timid guitar melody, but with the help of lead singer Luke White's husky, Chris Martin-esque vocals it later explodes with crunchy echoing guitars and a cinematic string arrangement. Elsewhere, the tune "I'm Coming After You" takes a vintage-punk route, centering on repetitive guitar rhythm in contrast to White's drawling lyrical flow. Although Atomic Tom made a name for itself with a stripped-down performance, "The Moment" showcases the band developing a full-bodied sound bound to carry it to venues that far exceed the confines of a subway car.