Underoath, " 0 (Disambiguation)"


The word "Disambiguation"-the title of Underoath's seventh album-refers to the clarity that occurs after a source of ambiguity is removed. It would be wrong to interpret the title as a jab at departed drummer/co-vocalist Aaron Gillespie, for the metalcore band's earnest mash-up of shouted and cleanly sung vocals (of which Gillespie provided the latter) never lacked perspective or style. But by using the lineup shift as a chance to explore different terrain-namely, eschewing pop choruses and traditional vocals-Underoath's sprawling, at-times disquieting music is newly realized. (New member Daniel Davidson sticks just to the drums.) Flashes of U2, Thrice and Dillinger Escape Plan are evident throughout the album, whose free-flowing grace is apparent even during throbbing, slightly off-kilter cuts like "In Division," "Illuminator" and "A Divine Eradication." That ambience becomes more striking when the sextet lets itself completely unfurl during the gentler "Paper Lung" and prog-jam closer "In Completion."