Curren$y, "Pilot Talk II"

82 Billboard Rating

Curren$y releases are relatively low-pressure affairs: with beats comprising cozy synthesizers, the New Orleans rapper's manner is generally good-natured as he rhymes about weed, women and living the good life. While latest release "Pilot Talk II," the addendum to Curren$y's debut earlier this year, is especially laid-back and doubles as a victory lap, his wordplay remains tenacious and avoids complacency. The first four tracks keep the stakes low, as Curren$y conjures stoned-out sequences like "At the drive-in/This is a scary movie I'm in/But I do it for my folk who genuinely want me to win." The second half of "Pilot Talk II" features a more head-knocking musical palette, with the minimal blips of "O.G. (The Jar)" and wonky electronica of "Real Estates" matching Curren$y's mic mastery. A minor release for Curren$y still bests most major hip-hop releases, and this "Pilot Talk" sequel relishes in the rapper's expanding set of skills.