Calle 13, "Entren los Que Quieran"

86 Billboard Rating

By putting an illustration of a bomb on the cover of its latest album, "Entren los Que Quieran," and appearing as terrorists disguised as nuns in a violent video for first single "Calma Pueblo," Calle 13 simultaneously exceeded and parodied its reputation as provocateur. The explosive single opens the set and finds magnetic vocalist Rene Perez challenging his critics and vilifying the music industry while justifying his own commercial success. Accompanied by the Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez and iconic Argentine rock drummer Fernando Samalea, Calle 13 seems determined to cast aside the reggaet├│n label that has dogged the group since its brilliant 2005 debut. But the rhythm returns on "Baile de Los Pobres," a certain dancefloor anthem. The lush, folkloric ballad "Latinoamerica" features singers Susana Baca (from Peru), Toto La Momposina (Colombia) and Maria Rita (Brazil) in a lament for the region. Most affecting is "La Bala," a dry account of a violent society hauntingly tinged with Morricone-esque guitars. On tracks like these, Calle 13's fierce brand of first-person social commentary and all-terrain rebellion transmits as honest and even brave, even if Perez's defensive swagger can become tiresome. "Preparame La Cena," an endearing pop tune with hit potential, proves that even revolutionaries want to hear their songs on the radio.