Cage the Elephant, "2024"


Kentucky rock band Cage the Elephant is hoping that forthcoming sophomore album "Thank You, Happy Birthday" enjoys the same steady success as its 2009 self-titled debut, which earlier this year spawned two chart-toppers on Billboard's Alternative tally. Although new single "2024" lacks the charm that made singles like "In One Ear" and "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" so much fun, the track should continue to propel the quintet's upward growth. Marrying dizzying tempos and fuzzed-out guitars with Matt Shultz's effusive vocals, the song alternates between brash, driving verses and peppy choruses. Despite the jarring mid-song tempo change and underwhelming guitar solo, the group pulls off the song's messy structure with relative ease. "2024" nicely sets up "Thank You, Happy Birthday" and should be an indicator of Cage the Elephant's future chart achievements.