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Melanie Fiona, Gone and Never Coming Back


Two years after "It Kills Me" hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs chart, Melanie Fiona returns with a single that's similarly arranged but nonetheless impressive. "Gone and Never Coming Back," off her upcoming sophomore album, "The MF Life," showcases the Canadian R&B singer's knack for emphasizing a melody with her pristine vocals. The track combines piano, drums and horns with Fiona's heart-wrenching lyrics describing the realization that a love has ended. With lyrics like "It's sad that all he ever said was that he loved me to death/But now he's gone again and I was wrong again," the singer doesn't fail to evoke emotion from the listener. Although "Gone and Never Coming Back" doesn't deviate from Fiona's usual tempo and subject matter, the track's juxtaposition of slower verses and a powerful chorus gives her latest single a unique quality.