Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne, "Hit the Lights"

Just as with their collaboration on the Billboard Hot 100-topping "Down," Jay Sean and Lil Wayne have joined forces to create another upbeat club-banger that's angling to become a summer radio staple. Riding the wave of an ongoing pop trend, "Hit the Lights" weaves together dance-pop melodies and rapping in a style that recalls Enrique Iglesias' "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" and Flo Rida's"Club Can't Handle Me." As electronic beats pound in the background, Sean croons, "Put your lighters in the air/ Let 'em burn into the night/ And let everybody know/ That you're with it and you're ready to go." Meanwhile, Lil Wayne adds a welcome amount of hip-hop with his slippery-voiced rapping. "Hit the Lights" hopes to repeat the chart success of "Down" before Sean's fourth album, "Freeze Time," receives a spring release.

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