BC Jean, "I'll Survive You"

In a pop landscape full of well-defined female personalities (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha) and hungry up-and-comers (Jessie J, Christina Perri), where does a talent like BC Jean fit in? From the sound of her latest single, "I'll Survive You," the California singer/songwriter appears to adhere to Kelly Clarkson's mix of crisp vocals, straightforward lyricism and unexpected pop punch. A standard breakup rocker, "Survive" benefits from producer Max Martin's steady hand-the song's guitar sound recalls Avril Lavigne's best singles-as well as Jean's delightfully edgy wail on the line, "I'll undo all of the damage you've done to my life/ That's right." Currently working on her debut album, Jean is still finding her personality on songs like "I'll Survive You," but the growing pains are pretty entertaining to watch.

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