Redlight King, "Old Man"


Redlight King's "Old Man" grabs the 1972 classic by Neil Young, who approved a sampling of the song for the first time, and launches it into the 21st century. Young's song is sped up and updated with heavy percussion, while singer/ songwriter Mark Kasprzyk's vocals are laid over the track and present an ode to the singer's father. "My old man is a legend/ He cast a shadow so great/I think of how he is watchin'/ With every move that I make," he sings. Somehow, Kasprzyk's gruff voice and Young's thin warble blend seamlessly in the chorus, and "Old Man" ends up as the first single since Puff Daddy's 1997 hit "I'll Be Missing You" to immerse itself in a sample of another track without sounding unoriginal. Redlight King has achieved the near-impossible-and might have scored his first hit -with this respectful, modern reworking.