Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch, 'American Capitalist'


American Capitalist
Producers: Kevin Churko, Five Finger Death Punch
Prospect Park Records
Release Date: Oct. 11

If anyone thought that a little success might soften Los Angeles rock quintet Five Finger Death Punch, or at least lead it to write some happier lyrics, then think again - the band comes out harder than ever on its third album, "American Capitalist." The set features a ferocious "license to hate," a fully articulated "100 Ways to Hate" and, on the track "Under and Over It," some particular vitriol for haters who would deny the group its mainstream spoils. The rage gives American Capitalist a fierce potency. It offers defiant mosh pit anthems like the title track, "The Pride" and "Back for More"; middle-finger-throwing kiss-offs like "Wicked Ways"; and the nihilistic call to arms "Generation Dead." Five Finger Death Punch even enters power ballad territory on the family-dissing "Remember Everything" and "Coming Down." Those give the album, and the Death Punch gang, a left-right combo that's absolutely lethal.

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