Track Review: Chiddy Bang, 'Ray Charles'


"Ray Charles" (3:43)
Producer: Xaphoon jones, Adam pallin, Sam hollander
Writer: various
Publisher: various
Virgin Records

Hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang has returned with "Ray Charles," a fun romp over a faux 50s arrangement from their long-awaited debut album, "Breakfast." The playful song contains many of Chiddy and Xaphoon Jones' signature sonic elements: great bouncy beats and lyricism that ranges from clever to corny. "I make the music with the soul of a blind man/They be amazed how I get them ladies that cry, 'Yeah!'" Chiddy raps. Lines like these are part of the package with Chiddy Bang: the listener can either embrace the eye-roll-worthy punchlines or choose to look the other way entirely. Luckily for fans, Chiddy's carefree flow comes off naturally here, and "Ray Charles" is more fun than flawed.

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