Track Review: Graffiti6, 'Free'


"Free" (3:50)
Producer: Tommy "TommyD" Danvers
Writers: Jamie Scott, Tommy "TommyD" Danvers
Publishers: Sony/ATV, EMI Publishing

Graffiti6, the duo comprised of singer-songwriter Jamie Scott and songwriter/producer Tommy "TommyD" Danvers, make the art of crafting pop gems seem like the easiest task in the world. "Free," a new single released as part of a 7-track EP of the same name, begins as a low rumble, with a chugging acoustic guitar and Scott whispering love-lost lyrics. The song builds steadily from there: Scott's strong yet fragile voice resonates as the track progresses, but Danvers' soulful production is the real star. The strings swoon; the guitars bubble; and the choir bells hit all the right spots. "Free" glides so effortlessly that it's easy to forgive the contradictory lyrics -- "Set me free babe," Scott sings on the chorus, while the second verse begins, "I need someone to hold me, wrap their arms / And embrace the air I breathe."

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