Track Review: Sleigh Bells, 'Comeback Kid'


Comeback Kid (3:00)
Producer: Derek Miller
Writers: Derek Miller, Alexis Krauss
Publisher: SONGS
Mom + Pop

With few choruses in sight and beats so assaulting they're practically metal, Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells earned unexpected buzz for their 2010 debut, "Treats." For a band that wrote about brace-face tweens on its first album, Sleigh Bells offers up refreshingly self-aware commentary on "Comeback Kid," the first proper single from their upcoming sophomore LP, "Reign of Terror." "You gotta try a little harder, you're the comeback kid," sings Alexis Krauss in a sugary-sweet tone atop bratty hardcore riffs and drum machines that fire like shotguns. Yet Sleigh Bells' abrasive side is slightly at rest here, with lyrics that suggest some concern about a sophomore slump and bursts of distortion mellowing the harshness. Being a buzz band can be trying, but Sleigh Bells rises above the pressure of expectation to create another bizarrely catchy track.

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