Allbum Review: Lamb of God, 'Resolution'

69 Billboard Rating

Producer: Josh Wilbur
Epic Records
Release Date: Jan. 24

Don't take the (relatively) touchy-feely title of this Virginia metal band's seventh studio album as indication that Lamb of God has acquired a peaceful, easy mind-set since the release of 2009's Grammy Award-nominated "Wrath." On "Resolution," frontman Randy Blythe still growls his guts out while his bandmates hammer away at economy-sized grooves that suggest an extreme-sports version of Southern rock. (More illustrative track titles include "Desolation," "Insurrection" and "To the End.") Lamb of God reteamed with "Wrath" producer Josh Wilbur here, and the result is a continued crystallization of the band's sound. Indeed, the 14-track outing is so consistent (and so consistently hard-edged) that you sometimes find yourself wishing for some kind of sellout softening moment. When an acoustic guitar sneaks in for a few seconds at the start of the song "Ghost Walking," it feels like a welcome ray of light piercing an otherwise murky sky.

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