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76 Billboard Rating

"Youth Without Youth" (4:17)
Producer: James Shaw
Writers: E. Haines, J. Shaw
Publisher: BMG-Chrysalis (SOCAN-ASCAP)
Metric Music International

On Metric's new single, "Youth Without Youth," the Canadian electro-rock act embraces its anger with . . . a dance party. "Youth Without Youth" fits in line with Metric's MO -- bold statements backed by synths and sweet female vocals -but this time, the subject matter is more political. Lyrically, frontwoman Emily Haines toys with powerful imagery, using phrases like "double dutch with a hand grenade" and "rubber soul with a razor blade" to describe a young life full of malaise and even criminality. Perhaps it's fitting that a song about innocence lost and getting stomped on by the Man features a sleazy, sexy beat. Fans may feel bad about dancing along to these sentiments, but beyond the beat lies a simple riff and a high-pitched twinge of feedback, the repetition of which both inspires an eerie vibe and, more importantly, ties the music and lyrics together.

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