Hot Chip Video Track-By-Track: 'In Our Heads'


Live strings, time spent in a proper studio rather than the band's usual reliance on home recording, baby sounds and even Buddhist monks are just a few of the elements that flavor Hot Chip's brand new fifth studio album, "In Our Heads." Watch above as the British electronic/pop quintet divulges what went into each song in our video track-by-track of the album (due June 12 on Domino Records).

In the two years since "One Life Stand," the Mercury Prize and Grammy-nominated group -- Joe Goddard, Alexis Taylor, Felix Martin, Al Doyle and Owen Clarke -- has found that absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it apparently makes the music grow stronger. "I think because we stopped touring and went off, did a lot of side projects and other things and took a breather from Hot Chip for a little while, [when we] came back together, it just felt really good for all of us," Goddard tells

How good? Watch as Goddard and Clarke discuss each of the 11 tracks on "In Our Heads," then listen to a stream of the album on this page and share your thoughts about Hot Chip's latest opus in the comments section below.

Listen to a free stream of Hot Chip's "In Our Heads":