LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening Now
LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy Ruvan Wijesooriya

Many great moments, and a few transcendent ones -- so went the second of two LCD Soundsystem "secret" shows, the latter Monday night (Apr. 13) at Webster Hall. The high point came midway through the night, when frontman James Murphy launched into "All My Friends," his late-2000s, "my-God-I'm-an-adult" anthem and proof that the big chill freezes the hippest of us. The thirty-somethings in the crowd who had to go to work the next morning fist-pumped along, not caring about the consequences.

Backed by his band, which now includes Gavin Russom of Delia and Gavin, Murphy started the set with "Pow Pow," from LCD Soundsystem's forthcoming album, "This Is Happening." Murphy delivered the vocals with his characteristic flatness, almost veering into Lou Reed territory, but his band's pulsing beats managed to propel him along. He then performed "Yr City's a Sucker," from LCD's 2005 self-titled debut, followed by "Us V. Them," from 2007's "Sound of Silver."

LCD Soundsystem's new single, "Drunk Girls," inspired any number of the actual drunk girls to flail around on the floor, and, later in the set, another new track called "I Can Change" sent iPhones aloft, with the crowd swaying along. At one point, Murphy got down on his knees and begged fans to refrain from leaking his new album, telling them they could leak it as soon as it came out, but asking for patience before then. (His pleas went unheard, it seems, as "This Is Happening" has since leaked.)

The show closed an hour and forty-five minutes after it began, with "New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down," summing up Murphy's love/hate relationship with his adopted hometown. On this night, the crowd seemed to come down squarely on the side of love.

Here is LCD Soundsystem's setlist:

"Pow Pow"

"Yr City's a Sucker"

"Us V. Them"

"Drunk Girls"

"Losing My Edge"

"All My Friends"

"I Can Change"





"Someone Great"

"Daft Punk Is Playing at My House"

"New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down"

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