25 Stage Falls, Trips, And Slips
25 Stage Falls, Trips, And Slips

21. Christina Aguilera

Fall Happens At 0:56 In the Video

Xtina yelps as she makes contact with the stage during a show in Raleigh, NC for her 2007 Back to Basics Tour.

22. Lil Mama

Fall Happens At 0:23 In the Video

Lil Mama's "Superman" hit the floor during her Soulja Boy routine.

23. Rick Ross

Fall Happens At 0:21 In the Video

Rick Ross fell and couldn't get up during an October 2009 show.

24. Juan Gabriel

Fall Happens At 0:14 In the Video

Juan Gabriel is so fixated on his dancing that he shimmies right off the stage.

25. Mariah Carey

Fall Happens At 0:11 In the Video

High-heeled Mariah played off the fall, telling the audience with a laugh that she had done it on purpose.