25 Stage Falls, Trips, And Slips
25 Stage Falls, Trips, And Slips

11. Michelle Williams

Fall Happens At 0:05 In the Video

The Destiny's Child singer figures out before you can walk you have to crawl while entering BET's 106 and Park.

12. Bono

Fall Happens At 0:08 In the Video

Bono misjudged his stage space and walked backwards off the stage while performing in 2008. A YouTube comment by "utuber2" said it best: "See what happens when you stand too close to the Edge?"

13. Katy Perry

Fall Happens At 0:25 In the Video

Stage diving into the cake wasn't enough for Katy Perry: the singer landed face first on the floor during a 2009 NYC concert.

14. Prince

Fall Happens At 4:45 In the Video

While onstage with James Brown and Michael Jackson in 1983, Prince toppled into the audience after swinging around on an apparently loose streetlamp prop.

15. Madonna

Fall Happens At 0:14 In the Video

Madonna stumbled backwards and landed right on her butt during a 2008 concert in Brazil. She had to lay on the stage for a moment before going back to her routine.