14 Things Seen & Overheard At Lollapalooza Friday

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The headlines were grabbed by Lady Gaga's showstopping headlining set, complete with fireworks on Friday night at Lollapalooza (Aug. 6), but here are some of the wacky, fun things from the Chicago fest's opening day that made it more than just another big gig.

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1. Lady Gaga's faithful storming the gates when they opened in the morning and camping out -- with sleeping bags -- in front of her stage... for nine hours.

2. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy performed with Mavis Staples on the title track of her upcoming album, "You Are Not Alone," which Tweedy produced.

3. A toddler wearing a blue Devo energy dome hat while sitting on his dad's shoulders and rocking out to the band. Elsewhere, at least one team of Devo fans in matching blue jumpsuits and hats preparing to whip it good.

4. "This is one of the most epic bands of the '80s. That's who's gonna play here." -- Guy to clueless girl, re: Devo

5. Kim of Matt & Kim booty dancing while standing on fans' hands, while Matt climbed up the side of the stage.

6. Kim (of Matt & Kim): We played Lollapalooza three years ago and you might remember I asked them to zoom in on my tits. I need to, once, see my rack look huge. Matt: I said, "Even a jumbotron couldn't make that rack look huge!"

7. The Big Pink leading with a huge squall of distortion and beats on the, uh, big pink Mega stage 30-seconds after Rafael Saadiq finished his exuberently sunny and sexy retro R&B workout on the Parkways stage.

8. Best T-Shirt (tie): 1. A Hot Chip T featuring Chicago's own R. Kelly in a red Devo hat. B. I (rainbow heart) Lady Gay Gay.

9. Gaga fans -- including a ton of kids under 10 -- with her named spelled out in body paint on their flesh and/or swathed in Caution tape.

10. Hasty exit of said preteen kids on parents' shoulders after Gaga exhorted the crowd to "get out your dicks and dance, motherf*ckers!" while she and her many dancers feigned taking out their dicks and shaking them to the beat.

11. Early in the day, B.o.B. covered MGMT's "Kids."

12. "This song's from the 'Encino Man' soundtrack, by a band called Infectious Grooves" -- Wavves drummer Billy Hayes

13. Lady Gaga's fierce but inexplicable Metallica dance break with her DJ Starlight during the middle of her set.

14. Tens of thousands of sunburned Chicagoans sending up a big unified cheer out of sheer joy as they swarmed into the middle of Michigan Avenue after the show.