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10 Things Seen & Overheard At Lollapalooza Sunday

The third and final night of Lollapalooza 2010 culminated with Arcade Fire's jubulant set anchoring the north end of Chicago's Grant Park on Sunday night (Aug. 8) and newly reunited Lolla vets Soundgarden bringing the big guitars to the south end. Those are the obvious things everyone knows about, but we kept our eyes and ears open to bring you 10 things that happened at the fest on Sunday that you might have missed.

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Sunday Lolla Wrap Up | Lollapalooza 2010 Main

1. Neko Case joined the Dodos on stage for "Red and Purple."

2. Erykah Badu and her fierce blonde mohawk and bespoke golden feather earrings told us how she feels Twitter is therapy, plus how she's been making a documentary of her career for the past 13 years. She also sang us a magical, a capella snippet of a John Lennon solo tune for the true fan, "Hold On," turning it from a wistful '70s rock ballad into a soulful ultra-Badu jam.

3. Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Richard Parry played with the National (and later Arcade Fire dedicates "Crown Of Love" to their friends in The National). Meanwhile elsewhere, on the pink Mega stage, Erykah Badu made an appearance onstage with Cypress Hill.

4. Depending on where you stood during a few parts of Soundgarden's set, Kim Thayil's guitars and Matt Cameron's drums oddly blended with Felix da Housecat and Digitalism's giant beats from over on Perry's DJ stage, causing an inspired-but-inadvertant mashup.

5. Sunday was the grand finale of the gatecrashers - a yearly fixture at Lollapalooza. For their final attempt at getting in free, a cadre of 10 guys timed their surge for a specific moment during Cypress Hill and came hurtling over the fence into the media area. They ran like stuck pigs into publicists, expensive cameras, and even a fest performer or two before being subdued by security. But the most priceless moment was the mild-mannered, middle-aged tent entrance minder folding up the chair she'd been sitting on and beating a gatecrasher indignantly over the body with it after he had the misfortune of nearly knocking her down.

6. Switchfoot covered the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage," which was the song booming out of cars and dorms in the summer of 1994 when the Beasties held court on the Lollapalooza mainstage.

7. Soundgarden, they of lyrics like "black hole sun / won't you come / and wash away the rain," got up early to soundcheck "Spoonman," sending the thunder of their guitars bouncing off of the line of skyscrapers lining Michigan Avenue at 8:30 in the morning. Soon a downpour opened up over the city, but by the time of their set at 8pm, the sun had indeed come and washed away the rain.

8. Exuberant dancers listening to Mexican Institute of Sound expressed their love by waving around tree limbs, complete with leafy tips.

9. "I wonder how much dirt you end up eating over a whole festival weekend?" one grime-coated, flip-flop wearing Lolla three-day pass holder said to another while walking down the food court scoping choices.

10. An Arcade Fire fan crowdsurfed brandishing a Canadian flag for the Canadian band, just as French flags were waving for Phoenix the night before.