Axl Rose Fumes After Guns N' Roses Is Cut Short at Reading, Leeds Fests

Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses performs Live At Nur Khan's Rose Bar Sessions presented by DeLeon Tequila at Gramercy Park Hotel on February 14, 2010 in New York City. 

Late arrivals, long-running sets and overall lackluster performances earned Guns N' Roses collective jeers as the rock group headlined the U.K.'s Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend (Aug. 27-29).

According to NME, frontman Axl Rose declared "war" on Leeds organizers after claiming that the band's set was cut short on Sunday, despite the fact that it arrived one half hour late to its scheduled slot at the fest.

"We would like to play a few more songs for you tonight," said Rose, who claimed he was told the group could play until midnight but was forced to end the set at 11:20 PM. "But someone's telling us that the show's over. This war ain't over yet." Festival organizer Melvin Benn told NME that the band was never given the OK to play until midnight.

Video: Guns N' Roses play 'Paradise City' without sound

Sunday's set followed an equally controversial show at the Reading festival on Friday (Aug. 27), in which Guns N' Roses arrived an hour late and endured endless boos from the crowd. The set was shut down at the original noise curfew, but Rose and co. tried to play "Paradise City" as an encore without amplification.

Rose posted a short apology for the Reading performance on his Twitter account yesterday (Aug. 29), writing that "the fans deserve an apology from those responsible for the nonsense." Earlier today, the singer chalked up the time disputes to "miscommunication" beyond the band's control.

"We hope the fans feel they got at least what they could from us under the circumstances," Rose wrote.

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