Fall's 10 Hottest Shows
Fall's 10 Hottest Shows
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Autumn is officially here, and while the hot days of summer may be over, that doesn't mean live music is in hibernation. Don't think that's true? We have proof. Here, our picks for the ten hottest music events of Fall 2010, presented in roughly chronological order.

Drake On Tour


When: Now through Nov. 6
Where: U.S.
Price: $51-$107
Why It's Hot: If it feels like Drake is everywhere lately, it's because he is. The success of his debut "Thank Me Later" in June proved that the extreme buzz surrounding the Canadian rapper was no fluke, and only months later, he's a big enough star to play a duo of sold-out Radio City concerts. In fact, several of the cities on Drake's "Lightdreams and Nightmares Tour," which kicked off in Miami on Sept. 20, are getting two dates.