LMFAO Clowns Around In Miami, Trick: Show Report

LMFAO, Billboard Summer Blowout, August 2011.

With beach balls and inflatable zebras tossed at the audience, non-stop streamers, showers of champagne, and of course, teeny-tiny bathing suits and tight leotards that showed every millimeter of the passion in their pants, LMFAO's spectacle at Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena on Friday (June 22) was more of a kiddie birthday party on steroids than a music concert.

Those who accepted that fact -- including loads of little kids in the audience -- had a blast.

And those who expected high art and sophisticated music from Redfoo and Sky Blu (a son and grandson, respectively, of Motown Records legend Berry Gordy) likely didn't even show up, judging by the two-thirds-filled arena. Then again, LMFAO's radio and video success lies in its self-deprecating humor, throbbing party beats and outlandish outfits, the kind of stuff that may not seem appealing to justify the cost-or length--of a 90-minute show.

But LMFAO compensated nicely with a wealth of juicy eye candy, from the colorful two-story set design to inexhaustible dancers (the quite amazing members of Quest Crew) to a string of outfit changes, with Redfoo's outfits turning increasingly skimpy as the night progressed. The favor was returned by a boisterous and engaged audience largely outfitted in neon and oversized glasses, glo-sticks rhythmically punctuating bass beats both in the mosh pit and in the seating above.

Backed by a drummer, a guitarist, a DJ and the dance troupe, LMFAO ripped through songs like "Hot Dog," "I'm In Miami Bitch," "Shots" and "Yes" with equal energy and abandon -- which also means there was zero attempt at any musical nuance. And those yearning to hear "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy And I know It" had to wait until the bitter end, although there was a lot of appeasing in the form of references to the Miami Heat's NBA win the night before.

Was it worth the wait? Let's just say you'd have to be a total Grinch not to enjoy "Sexy and I Know It" live and have a good laugh at Sky Blu's elephant trunk undies. And all musical protests aside, those going to an LMFAO concert know what's in store for them; what you hear and see on video and what you get on the show are completely congruent. So when Redfoo -- in all his belly-baring, spandex short dorkiness -- declares, "Girls I meet are quite savage, always tryn'a grabbing at my package […] But every girl I try to get to know ends up trying to do me. And I say, I am not a whore," the comic irony is not lost on us.

Still, the presence of all those little kids-some as young as five years old-with their soccer moms was all the more puzzling. Do you really want your kindergartener to see a grown man baring his butt and gyrating his crotch this up close and personal, no matter how anti-sexual it might be?