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iHeartRadio 2012: New Jonas Brothers, 'Staged' Green Day + More Backstage

Nick Jonas, Brad Paisley, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas pose backstage during the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 22, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The final night of the second annual iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas ended on an energetic note, with uptempo sets from the likes of Taylor Swift, P!nk, Enrique Iglesias, Calvin Harris, Brad Paisley, Deadmau5, Aerosmith and Pitbull -- not to mention a pair of surprise duets between Prince and Mary J. Blige -- keeping the beat and the energy high all night.

But what about the action offstage? Read on for more highlights from behind the scenes at Night 2 of iHeartRadio.

New Music (Finally) From the JoBros | On the heels of prepping their first concert since early 2010, an Oct. 11 engagement at Radio City Music Hall, the Jonas Brothers have been recording new music for what could end up being the trio's first album since their 2010 soundtrack to their Disney Channel series "Jonas L.A." "We're about 10 or 11 songs in, probably close to some sort of body of music," Nick told Billboard in an interview with all three brothers, who were on-hand to introduce Enrique Iglesias. "Whether it's an album or an EP is really up for debate."

iHeartRadio 2012 : Backstage + Live Highlights

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Checked Into Rehab Saturday Night | Though news broke Sunday that the Green Day frontman was seeking treatment for substance abuse, the producers at the "Ellen Degeneres Show" were notified of the news Saturday night, as the band was set to make its daytime debut on the show this week to promote the release of its album Uno!

…But His Onstage "Meltdown" Was Largely Staged | As for Armstrong's abrupt onstage, guitar-smashing finale Friday night, it certainly wasn't over the band's set being cut short. "If anybody goes long on a set, we really don't care," Clear Channel Entertainment president John Sykes told Billboard an hour before showtime Saturday night. "We thought it was a great move and we were along for the joke." As for what Armstrong meant by his "We'll be back" comment before storming off stage, Sykes was unclear. "He walked off the stage and wasn't saying hello to anybody and went to his dressing room. But all in all, it was the essence of rock n roll and rebellion and smashing his beautiful guitar, like Pete Townshend did and Jimi Hendrix. We just thought it was a great moment for the show."

Ne-Yo hearts P!nk , Readies "R.E.D." for Nov. 6 Release | Sitting down with Billboard just as P!nk started flipping around the MGM Grand in a harness while singing "So What," Ne Yo watched in awe at the multitalented performer. "There are people who can't stand still on stage and sing on key. She can float through the crowd and stay on key. That's talent. That's amazing," he said. Also, his oft-delayed album "R.E.D." (which stands for "Realizing Every Dream," lest you confuse it with Taylor Swift's album) finally has a new release date - Nov. 6, and a sound that he hopes fits your lifestyle. "Listen to it on your way home [from the store], and when you get home listen to it again and put it back in the car. Or just get two - one for your home, one for your car."

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Brad Paisley: My Next Album Felt Like 'Indie Filmmaking' | Having debuted new single "Southern Comfort Zone" on the iHeartRadio stage Saturday night, the country superstar was eager to share more details of his new musical direction. Just as the song speaks about stepping out your known comfort levels, so was the recording process this time out. "It's indie filmmaking for me," he told Billboard. "In Nashville people usually go to studios to write or refine songs or somebody writes them for them. Then they cut them in one week or two with top-notch studio musicians. I didn't want to do that, so I took an old farmhouse -- it's my first house record -- and we renovated it, threw in a drum room and a couple weeks later we were cutting tracks." Featuring a less polished, over-editing sound, the album is designed to elicit the same response that Paisley gets from his dog when he learns a new command. "He'll look at me what the hell are you talking about?" Paisley said. "That's the rule: it makes the record if it has that moment."

New Enrique Iglesias Album? Eventually | Though the Latin heartthrob debuted new single "Finally Found You," alongside rapper Sammy Adams, Saturday night don't expect a proper sequel to 2010's "Euphoria" just yet. "It's one of those things that could take me 6 weeks or 6 years. Hopefully it's only gonna take me 6 months," Iglesias told Billboard. The loose timeframe should help Iglesias indulge his inner perfectionist, too. "For me it's about the songs. And the thing is, a lot of fans don't know this, but once you put out an album you're gonna have to sing those songs, or at least the single, every single day around the world. And if you're not happy with it you're gonna hate it."

Deadmau5 Rocked a Slayer T-Shirt All Weekend | The superstar DJ chatted with Billboard sans helmet (while new girlfriend Kat von D looked on) about his love for metal band Slayer, and their namesake T-shirt he proudly wore two nights in a row. Having played Vegas nightclub XS Friday night, Deadmau5 (nee Joel Zimmerman) was still rocking the rock tee on Saturday. "It was actually given to me by someone who works with them," he said, noting that he'd been wanting one of the band's shirt before it was serendipitously gifted to him.