Charlie Sheen Announces Live Tour Via Twitter

After launching an all-out media blitz, Charlie Sheen is apparently ready to face the public in person.

The actor, who was fired from Two and a Half Men on Monday, on Thursday announced a live tour -- titled "Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth" -- kicking off in Detroit next month.

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"Fastball; My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show LIVE Detroit/Chicago on sale Sat. The REAL story c," Sheen tweeted with a link to, where those interested can purchase tickets.

The show will kick off April 2 at Fox Theatre Detroit. So far, only two dates are listed on Ticketmaster; a second show is scheduled for April 3 at the Chicago Theatre.

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Under "show details" is this description, seemingly written by Sheen himself:

"My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option Show is coming for you. I'm going on the road. LIVE. Will there be surprises? Will there be guests? Will there be mayhem? Will you ask questions? Will you laugh? Will you scream? Will you know the truth? WILL THERE BE MORE?!?! This IS where you will hear the REAL story from the Warlock. Bring it. I dare you to keep up with me."

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Sheen filed a $100 million lawsuit earlier Thursday against Warner Bros. and Men co-creator Chuck Lorre. He also is suing on behalf of the Men cast and crew and is asking for punitive damages.