Plain White T's Aim For the Small Screen
Plain White T's Aim For the Small Screen

Thanks to writing "a ton" of songs for its latest album, "The Wonders of the Younger," Plain White T's frontman Tom Higgenson figures his group may have a head start on its next album.

"We wrote a lot of songs for this album -- a lot of ideas, a lot of little half-song kind of demos and some full demos that didn't make it," Higgenson tells "There are some songs I love that I'm thinking, 'Well, shit, what can we do with these? What's the next album going to be?' There's definitely a handful of songs left over that will get out at some point."

Plain White T's next album is barely a consideration at this point, however. Higgenson says the group is "going to be touring all year, basically;" after a North American run wrapped up Feb. 28 at home in Chicago, the group will kick off a spring trek on Apr. 3 in Austin, Texas. Higgenson says he's hoping the group will head overseas as well this year.

"One of our most successful tours was in Europe a couple years ago; we sold out every show and it was just an amazing time for us," he recalls. "So we're hoping to get back there wtih this album, and to Japan and Australia. We have a lot of fans in Brazil and South America. So hopefully a lot of world touring and a lot of U.S. touring, and when that's all down we'll get back in the lab and do it all over again."

For now, however, he's pleased that fans are taking to the conceptual "The Wonders of the Younger," embracing the group's songs about youthful awe and innocence and also giving the first single, "Rhythm of Love," a good ride. "Boomerang" has been tapped as the next single, but Higgenson says the band is prouder of "Wonders" as "a more complete piece of work" rather than for its individual songs.

"Having the success we've had with 'Delilah' and '1,2,3,4,' it wasn't about [singles] anymore for me," Higgenson explains. "I wanted to make something that was a bit more heavy, a bit more kind of meaningful and something that says a little bit more and stands on its own."

Here are Plain White T's Spring Tour Dates:

April 2: Houston, Tex. (Reliant Arena)
April 3: Austin, Tex. (The Parish)
April 4: San Antonio, Tex. (White Rabbit)
April 6: Columbia, Mo. (The Blue Note)
April 8: Indiana, Pa. (The MPC Ohio Performance Space)
April 12: Lawrence, Kans. (The Bottleneck)
April 13: St. Louis, Mo. (The Pageant)
April 14: Fond Du Lanc, Wisc. (Marian College)
April 15: Indianapolis, Ind. (Egyptian Room)
April 16: Lake Forest, Ill. (Lake Forest College)
April 23: Las Vegas, Nev. (Haze Nightclub at Aria)
April 29: Fairfax, Va. (George Mason University)
April 30: East Rutherford, N.J. (Bamboozle Festival)
May 1: Richmond, Va. (The Hat Factory)
May 3: Asheville, N.C. (The Orange Peel)
May 5: Columbus , Ohio (Newport Music Hall)
May 6: Erie, Pa. (Mercyhurst College)
May 7: Baltimore, Md. (Pimlico Race Course Infield)
May 8: Virginia Beach, Va. (Diesel Rock N' Country)
May 10: Raleigh, N.C. (Lincoln Theatre)
May 11: Charleston, S.C. (The Music Farm)
May 12: Jacksonville Beach, Fla. (Freebird Café)
May 13: Orlando, Fla. (PWT at Beacham Theatre / AG at The Social (afterparty))
May 14: Treasure Island, Fla. (Treasure Island Yacht Club)