Lollapalooza Expanding to Brazil, Returning to Chile in 2012

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Perry Farrell didn't break a sweat in the 85-plus degree Chicago morning heat when he kicked off the Lollapalooza press conference to announce the festival's expansion to Brazil next year, in addition to an upcoming second annual Lollapalooza Chile.

Lolla will touch down at Santiago, Chile's O'Higgins Park on March 31 - April 1, 2012 and the Brazil fest will follow on April 7-8 at Sao Paulo, Brazil's Jockey Club.

Billboard Lolla Q&A With Perry Farrell

"So if you can imagine the creativity and the excitement of a Mardi Gras mixed in with a Lollapalooza it would be something like the Sao Paulo, Brazil Lollapalooza," Farrell said.

The festival's founder and Jane's Addiction frontman also welcomed Lollapalooza's partnership with Berklee College of Music, which will award one full scholarship per year beginning in 2012 to a young musician.

The brief press conference, which took place on the Lollapalooza grounds at Chicago's Grant Park, also touted the fest's 20th anniversary, with Farrell waxing a bit nostalgic, but also boasting about this year's huge expected turnout.

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"People ask if I expected that 20 years later we'd be standing here on these grounds," Farrell said, "But I have to say no one is prepared for a show and an event of this importance and this magnitude. Back then in 1991, I expected maybe 1000 weirdos and now I'm proud to say we have 90,000 weirdos."

Farrell also briefly turned over the stage to veteran agent Marc Geiger who he credits with co-founding the original 1991 event. "Ace of Cakes" host Duff Goldman also took the stage to talk about his hazy memories of giant turkey legs, mud, flannel and especially Alice In Chains back in the 90s at Lolla before unveiling an elaborate Lollapalooza cake complete with faux ticket stubs and whirling stages.

Lollapalooza 2011 officially opened its doors at 11am CT today and will run through Sunday evening, with headlining sets by Coldplay, Muse, Foo Fighters and Eminem.