Lollapalooza 2011: Girl Talk Big-Ups Pittsburgh Bro Wiz Khalifa

Girl Talk backstage with Billboard at Lollapalooza, August 5, 2011.

A Girl Talk show is something to behold, complete with flashing lights, onstage Fly Girls, confetti, balloons - the works.

Catching up with yesterday (Aug. 5), Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) revealed that he had some special antics in store for his Lollapalooza performance. In our video interview, Girl Talk also gave a shout-out to his Pittsburgh bro Wiz Khalifa, revealed his top Songs of the Summer, and described his daily mash-up grind.

Offstage, Gillis was calm and collected, especially when talking about the success of Khalifa and his Pittsburgh anthem, "Black and Yellow." "It's a genius pop song, but it's also gonna be played forever in Pittsburgh. During the football season last year, it was just everywhere," says Gillis. "It will be 2099, and it will be this old classic, like 'Take Me Out to the Ball [Game]' or whatever."

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However, what went down at his Lolla performance, which featured many new mash-ups of the Hot 100's current toppers, was not what Gillis had in store. With 15 minutes left in his headlining set at Perry's dance tent, Girl Talk booted because of vague "stage problems" - a decision Gillis deemed "some fucked up shit."

"I don't like this concentrated electronic artists shit," he continued, adding that he preferred to play on a stage alongside artists of all genres.