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Brown Eyed Girls

Known for their over-the-top sexy performances and genre-pushing R&B-based sound, the four ladies of Brown Eyed Girls (Jea, Miryo, Narsha, and Ga-in) gravitated together without the guiding hand of an entertainment company masterminding the process. The results have been stellar. Considered to be among the most vocally skilled of Korea's current crop of girl group singers, BEG's initial moderate success truly took off with the release of its first mini album, "LOVE." Soon after, the quartet confirmed its stardom with the title song from second album, "How Come." The girls transformed their musical style to electronic/pop with their next song, "Abracadabra." After taking time away from the group for Jea, Miryo, Ga-in, and Narsha, BEGs recently made a vibrant comeback with "Sixth Sense," the title song from its fourth regular album.

"Sixth Sense" by Brown Eyed Girls

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