And The 'Music On The Move' Winner Is...
Music On The Move Header's Music On The Move contest features fans all over the country competing to capture the coolest, quirkiest real music moments with their phone cameras. Each week, we challenge the contestants to come up with the best video they can based on a specific theme we designate. The three best get posted right here. This week, we challenged the Music On The Movers to film footage of cool local bands. The three winners this time around were JaredTalkin, who caught Philadelphia's Kramer/Lost Cause, VeronicaStreaming who filmed Atlanta group Gas House Gorillas, and DavidJrDotCom who filmed New York band Catspacey. Check out the videos by clicking on the images below.

Catspacey as captured by New Yorker DavidJrDotCom.
Click image to be taken to DavidJrDotCom's profile and to watch the video.

Kramer/Lost Cause as captured by Atlanta's VeronicaStreaming.
Click image to be taken to VeroncaStreaming's profile and to watch the video.

Gas House Gorillas as captured by Philadelphean JaredTalkin.
Click image to be taken to JaredTalkin's profile and to watch the video.

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