Video: Alicia Keys Says Playing World Series Was 'Unbelievable'

O. DeLantsheere /
Alicia Keys Billboard video still. October 30, 2009.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys gave Yankees fans a special treat when the two New York artists performed "Empire State of Mind" during Game Two of the World Series against Philly last week. caught up with Keys the day after the performance and, still keyed up about the event, she says the best part of it all was "representing for our city."

"Being part of the World Series was really unbelievable," said Keys from the video set of her upcoming single, "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart." "Being able to do that record with Jay is so incredible. I always figured we'd do some kind of collaboration, but, to do it now, at this time, when we're both from New York, born and raised here, we live and breathe New York… And then on top of that to be able to perform for the first time ever at the World Series -- the culmination was unbelievable."

"Being able to walk out on the field with all those people rooting for New York, and the energy in there and being able to do 'Empire State of Mind' and really represent our city in that way, it was just unexplainable the energy," Keys continued. "It was a great blessing, really exciting, and then New York won. So, we, love it."

Visit next week for Keys' Billboard cover story and more behind-the-scenes footage at her "Try Sleeping" music video shoot. Keys' upcoming album, "The Element of Freedom," will be available on Dec. 15 through J Records.