Say Anything / Nov. 3, 2009 / New York

Say Anything / Nov. 3, 2009 / New York

Coming home isn't the easiest thing to do, but someone neglected to tell Say Anything's singer Max Bemis on Tuesday (Nov. 3). Perhaps it was the fact the group's latest record was released earlier in the day. Or it could have been the fact the band was playing a sold out Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Regardless, the atmosphere was ripe for a frenzied show.

Emerging in matching white button up shirts and black pants on a pitch black stage lit with miniature buildings (a play off of their current album's artwork) and shrill screams, Say Anything wasted no time getting the evening started, leading off with hit singles and crowd favorites "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" and "Alive With the Glory of Love." Dancing and crowd assists on vocals prompted Bemis to declare "You guys are quite the lively audience, aren't you?"

Say Anything's 90 minute set was full of songs from each of the band's various albums. The band played five new tracks from their self-titled album, including "Cemetery," which featured Bemis' wife Sherri DuPree of Eisley coming onstage for a beautiful rendition of the song. Old Say Anything stand-bys such as "Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat," "Woe," and "Slowly Through A Vector." No matter what title was thrown their way, the crowd was able to simultaneously sing and dance along.

The rest of the members of Say Anything threw themselves into the set. Keyboardist/guitarist Parker Case continually jested with the audience right in front of his perch. Guitarists Jeff and Jake Turner, and bassist Alex Kent, took every opportunity presented to them to headbang along. Drummer Coby Linder prodded the Fillmore to clap along with his drum sticks and kept the group propelled forward with his energetic kit work. Bemis eventually ripped his shirt and performed the rest of the night in an undershirt, even for the encore.

After coming back on stage under a spotlight, Bemis thanked the crowd again, he launched into the vintage Say Anything song "Walk Through Hell," before rounding out the encore with "Spores" and "Admit It!"

Tyler, Texas' Eisley got things started with "I Could Be There For You." No matter what song was played, the family band (four siblings and cousin) heaped copious thank you's onto the crowd. The group played songs from their new "Fire Kite" EP, including "The Valley" and "Ambulance." Bemis made an appearance on another untitled new song, taking over guitar duties.

Here is Say Anything's set list:

"Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too"
"Alive With the Glory of Love"
"It's a Metaphor, Fool"
"Hate Everyone"
"Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat"
"Have At Thee!"
"Cemetery" with Sherri DuPree
"This is Fucking Ecstasy"
"Baby Girl, I'm a Blur"
"Mara and Me"
"Slowly Through a Vector"

"Walk Through Hell" Max Bemis solo
"Admit It!"