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Lil Wayne Meets George Washington's Wooden Teeth in Super Bowl Ad

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Lil Wayne

One living legend (Lil Wayne) meets a late one (George Washington, i.e., an actor playing the first president) in the teaser clips for Apartments.com's Super Bowl commercial.

Super Bowl Sneak Peek: What Are Lil Wayne & George Washington Doing Together?

Previously, we saw G-Wash bringing Weezy the buns for a Super Bowl pre-party, and today, we learn that George rocks a set of fresh grillz -- but unfortunately for the rapper, he carries his wooden ones with him, too.

For the historical record, Washington didn't have wooden teeth -- his set of false chompers were actually way more bizarre, consisting of lead, human teeth, cow teeth and elephant ivory, according to the Smithsonian. But hey, no one wants to see that dental trainwreck in a Super Bowl ad, so they probably made the right choice depicting the apocryphal wooden dentures. 

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