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What TV Shows Do Dave Grohl, Maddie & Tae and Other Music Stars Binge-Watch?

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Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

Dave Grohl
“Portlandia. I binged through five seasons in one week and came out the other end a little twisted. It changed my life.”

"What I usually do is wait it out and let a few seasons go by, so I can binge-watch. I get jealous of people who can start on new ones that they haven’t seen when they premiere. I love American Horror Story, and they’ve got Lady Gaga coming on for the new season. That should be great -- they always do it very well."

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Andy Grammer
“I watch a lot of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I go through those like little snacks -- just eat them in a row. He is the one I actually tune in to watch every single week. House of Cards I watch and I feel dirty but I can’t stop watching. That one was after tour and I did the whole thing in three days."

Maddie & Tae

“I love Once Upon A Time! It's a show where they basically intertwine all the different Disney stories and characters. [It's] really focused on being brave and never giving up. I think it's great to see that message in a totally different context. It's a show for all ages.”

American Horror Story. I love anything scary and American Horror Story absolutely had me on the edge of my seat. Every season is a different story and they even change most of the characters. I think that really keeps viewers engaged.”

Sam Hunt
"I just started Game of Thrones, the first season, the other day on the bus. That was just to give us something to do after the shows, because we were trying to stay out of trouble and find something to focus our attention on. So far I’m hooked -- I’m gonna keep checking it out. "

Jhene Aiko
Masters of Sex. Dot Da Genius was watching it one day. I thought I heard porn from the other room, so I walked in to see. It was not porn. It was just a classy sex scene from Masters of Sex. I've gotten through all three seasons in one month. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the show. I only knew that I had to keep watching. The story continues to get unexpectedly scandalous.”

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Mac Miller
Orphan Black. My mom actually told me to watch it. I watched 20 episode in 24 hours. I take my entertainment very seriously. The shit that [Tatiana Maslany] does, she’s one of the most incredible actors I’ve ever seen. She plays like nine characters in the show. They’re all very different. Different action, different voices, she kills it.”

An edited version of this article originally appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of Billboard.