Michael Jackson Songs Remixed: Listen to 9 Best Right Now

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Michael Jackson performs circa 1986.  

These remixes are fit for a king.

The King of Pop is behind such a lengthy string of hits that still deliver the same impassioned energy they did when he first created them. Michael Jackson's songs and star power are undeniable, and his influence is evident in various ways -- including the surplus of Michael Jackson remixes that now exist online.

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Here are nine of the best Michael Jackson songs remixed out there.

Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand Remix Radio Edit)

This heart-pounding remix jumps right into the thick of things with a repetitive, synth heavy hook that only slows down briefly mid-track before kicking things into even higher gear. 

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Slave To The Rhythm (Audien Remix)

Audien packs a lot of punch into this track that's under two-minutes in length, as he keeps the original grit intact while adding layers of high-energy electro-pop to deliver an irresistibly catchy remix.  

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Speed Demon (Nero Remix)

Much like the title suggests, this Michael Jackson song has a need for speed. And true to remix form, it incorporates an intense drop early on that's a doozy.

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Ghosts (Mousse T's Club Mix)

This frill-free remix offers up a track similar to the original, save for the groovy and danceable backbeat. 

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Bad (Regrooved by The Captain)

This remix takes elements from the original version though sonically restructures them into a completely new format, leaving in little from the original except for Jackson's vocals -- which surely need no remixing.

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Beat It (Mutrix Remix)

The intensity of this remix is palpable, and proper considering the original is a hard-hitting, pump up pop tune that still resonates today.

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Hollywood Tonight (Chuckie Remix Radio Edit)

The chorus of this tune is even more catchy than the original Michael Jackson song, as it's sped up a bit and supported by danceable techno beats.

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Smooth Criminal (Earstrip and Torha Bootleg Mix)

This appropriately smooth version puts a new spin the original with the help of a drum machine and subtle synth.

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Smooth Criminal (Haywyre)

In an alternate take on the same Michael Jackson song, this remix revamps the original (and takes a turn from the previous remix) by incorporating electric elements and speeding up the vocals to match the energy and pace produced.