2016: The Year in Charts

Could This Be a New From First To Last Song Featuring Vocals From Skrillex?: Listen

It starts with an unmarked musical tease, heats up with a few tweets, and ends in a spicy rumor. Could Skrillex be getting back with his old screamo band, From First to Last? The internet sure thinks so.

The rumor mill started turning Friday when Skrillex closed his bi-weekly Beats 1 OWSLA radio show with an unknown song simply referred to as a “Bonus track.” It featured a lot of shredding guitars and double-bass drumming, as well as what definitely sounded like Sonny Moore on the high-pitched vocals.

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Fans immediately started talking about a From First To last reunion, because as all hardcore Skrillex fans know, the dubstep producer first broke into the music industry through that teenage angst metal machine.

The rumor was picked up by a few outlets including the AltPress. Things got serious when From First To Last retweeted the AltPress link. Billboard Dance has reached out to Skrillex's team for comment.



For now, listen to the teaser track in question and feel like you're 15 again.