Eliot Lipp Is Ready to 'Come To Life' on New Album: Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy of Big Hassle
Eliot Lipp photographed in 2016.

“Creativity often come at me in these bursts that I can't explain,” Eliot Lipp explains to Billboard. So it's not surprising that the musician/sound designer sketched about half of his forthcoming 9th album, Come To Life, in just one weekend last summer. Those bursts of inspiration materialize quickly and casually for him: “Usually by looping a second or two of an old dusty track, I will immediately start hearing possibilities and start to create.”

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Come To Life exists comfortably between genres. Lipp establishes his style-hopping template right away with the opening track: “On ‘Entrance,’ the first song, I tried to incorporate a little slice of everything to come,” he notes. “There’s a jazzy sample, broken beats, analog synth sequences, and even some live pedal steel” courtesy of a pal who plays in a county band. While “Not Quite Awake” “came about after listening to Massive Attack while falling asleep,” “You Think,” a few songs later, exists on the opposite end of the drowsy spectrum, buoyed by what Lipp describes as an “epic breakdown.”

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But all the variation doesn’t mean the project lacks unity. Come To Life is carefully sequenced with a vinyl experience in mind. The steady chug of “Till The End” is positioned sixth precisely because it “closes out the first half.” The second portion starts up with “Tricker,” which Lipp suggests “brings back the funk and analogy energy. Later, the album glides to a soft landing with “Come To Life.”

Listen to Lipp’s latest effort below.