Listen to Cash Cash's Dark New Single 'Escarole': Exclusive Premiere

Over the years, Cash Cash has gone from turning out synth-loving pop-punk to crafting radio-ready electronic pop, and with their new single “Escarole,” the trio is changing directions yet again. The new track is much harder and far darker than anything the outfit has released before, and it’s a welcome surprise.

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Built on an in-your-face bass line and an altered vocal sample that they discovered in a sample pack, “Escarole” is a complete departure from the Cash Cash fans have latched on to for the past few years, but the new sound isn’t likely to scare people away, either. The reason for the new style? “As producers we’re always trying new things,” explained Cash Cash’s JP. “It's not fair to our audience to make the same song over and over again.”

For those of you who don’t know (or who haven’t seen the very literal single cover), escarole is a leafy green vegetable, sort of like lettuce or frisée. It’s an odd title for an EDM track, no doubt, and listening to the song doesn’t offer clues as to where the name came from. So, what’s going on with that?

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“Escarole is slang for money, it's like an Italian slang. It's actually said like 'scarole,” JP explained, putting on his best Italian accent. “We were on a Sopranos binge and we were just like, ‘Wait a second! It would be kind of funny if we just called it scarole,' and then we were like, 'No one's going to know what the hell scarole let's just call it ecsarole.'"

As of now, it’s not entirely clear if the single is a standalone track or if it will be featured on the band’s upcoming new album, which they say they are “fine tuning” at the moment. But it does appear that 2016 will be full of new Cash Cash -- if the escarole doesn’t fill you up.