Phoenix Video Q&A: 2010 Looks Good

Getty Images
Musicians Christian Mazzalai, Deck D'Arcy and Thomas Mars of Phoenix visit fuse TV's 'Distortion' at fuse Studios on September 29, 2009 in New York City.

Sure, French rock band Phoenix had a great year in 2009 with all of the praise for its album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, but 2010 has already proven that that good fortune continues. Fresh from a Grammy win, a No. 1 song on the Alternative Songs Chart, and the announcement they'll be playing Bonnaroo this summer, Phoenix sat down for an on-camera chat with about success, French guys singing in English, and hearing their music in a Cadillac commercial.

"We are a little gang, you know?" guitarist Laurent Brancowitz jokes. "When we are together, we are unbeatable."

Aside from their Best Alternative Music Album Grammy, the Alternative Songs No. 1 for "1901," and their part in the Bonnaroo line-up, the quartet is also in the process of writing the score for frontman Thomas Mars' wife Sofia Coppola's next movie, "Sometimes."