Poll Results: Pop's Sexiest Stars

Poll Results: Pop's Sexiest Stars

What started as a raging argument in the Billboard offices turned into a heated debate among you, dear readers. When we asked you who you thought were the sexiest people in music, you voted by the hundreds of thousands. You also weren't shy about speaking your minds -- more than a thousand of you bombarded our comments section to give props to your objects of affection and to diss us for overlooking your favorite. (We humbly apologize to every Mariah Carey fan ever. Can we move on now?)

But the dust has finally settled and we are pleased to present the 10 men and 10 women who reigned supereme in the poll. On the guy's side, your top picks included the glam "Idol," two veteran rock kings, a Latin pop star, and a couple of R&B slow-jam masters. On the ladies' side, an uber-famous pop princess takes the crown with the queen B., who got her ring put on it, nipping at her heals. How did all the votes shake out exactly, you ask? Click the links below to see the tally of the winners, as well as pictorial proof of each winner's sexiness.

10 Sexiest Men In Music | 10 Sexiest Women In Music

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