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Photos: Justin Bieber Gives You the Fingers

Justin Bieber

Have you noticed that Justin Bieber can't seem to take a photo without flashing some sort of hand sign? We have. In fact, not only is it nearly impossible for the tween dream to keep his digits down when the flashbulbs go off, its hard for famous friends to resist flashing their fingers when Biebz is around.

Justin Bieber Gives You the Fingers

The finger popping has gotten so out of control, we were able to compile 34 instances of Bieber's signature sign language, from his very first red carpet appearance to his most recent overseas offense. Check out the many ways in which JB's magic hands communicate to his fans, and see how Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, the Jonas Bros. and even an ex-Beatle have jumped on his bandwagon.

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