Erykah Badu Summons Lil Wayne, Twitter Army For New Album
Erykah Badu Bode Helm

If Lil Wayne is from Mars, then Erykah Badu is the high priestess of Venus.

It's a cosmic bummer that the syrup-soaked rapper and the future-funk diva hadn't thought to pair up before Badu's new single, "Jump in the Air." Originally a cut from her upcoming "New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh" album, the duo's collaboration leaked and was subsequently released as a Web-only track, accompanied by one acid trip of a music video, in which Wayne's and Badu's heads float and multiply. (Badu describes it as an "Erykahleidoscope.") Wayne raps about going "nuts like a danish" and vanishing into thin air while Badu howls and ululates, beckoning the listener to "come fly with us" over a sample of Parliament Funkadelic's "Hydraulic Pump." Viral music videos don't get any weirder -- or really, more genius -- than this.