Exclusive: Lee DeWyze Talks Ellen DeGeneres' 'Idol' Departure
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It's been all fun and games until now, but starting this week "American Idol" gets serious. This Wednesday's eliminations will be the most heartbreaking yet, as the two that are sent home don't get to participate on the "American Idol" tour.

Didi Benami

Strengths: Didi has a beautiful voice in the classic singer-songwriter mode and there's something about her lack of confidence over her talent that is charming.

Weaknesses: God, stop crying! You want people to vote for you, not to worry about your emotional fragility each week. (See: Brooke White.) And while Didi will certainly be able to sing a lovely ballad week after week, she's going to have to really change it up to make an impact in voters' minds: think on the scale of when Carrie Underwood sang "Alone."

Where She Will Finish: 7

Where She Should Finish: 5

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