Stone Temple Pilots: The Billboard Cover Story
Stone Temple Pilots, from L to R: Robert DeLeo, Scott Weiland, Dean DeLeo, Eric Kretz Chapman Baehler


Another driver of the album will be radio airplay. First single "Between the Lines," released in late March, has been very well-received. This week the track blasts up the Alternative chart (39-9) and the Rock Songs list (40-2) and flies 36-7 on Mainstream Rock, marking the act's first top 10 radio hit since 2003.

"They've always been good at giving people something consistent with the Stone Temple Pilots identity, but also a little newer to let fans know they were paying attention and moving forward and trying to grow in their own right," WIIL Chicago music director Stephen Salzman says.

Since the release of its 1992 debut "Core," STP's biggest-selling album at 4.9 million copies, the band has enjoyed huge success at radio. Up until 2000, it was a vital act at mainstream and alternative rock. The group has notched 16 top 10 hits on the Mainstream Rock chart, six of which went to No. 1. And many rock stations have helped keep STP's legacy alive by playing hits like "Plush" and "Interstate Love Song."

"Stone Temple Pilots is definitely one of our core artists," KRZQ Reno, Nev., PD Melanie Flores says, noting that 12 of the band's songs are in regular rotation at the station. "It feels good to have some of these older artists on our station again with new music that's actually good."

Most programmers agree that new music from STP will likely go over best with the band's 25-35 demographic. "I don't think a teenager is necessarily walking around saying, 'The Stone Temple Pilots is my favorite band,' " KROQ Los Angeles music director Lisa Worden says. "But I think they're really going to be into the new music, because it's really good."

To target a younger audience, the band is planning a secret event with MySpace surrounding the album's release and will premiere exclusive content on the social networking site during the album cycle. The STP camp also will buy targeted ads on Facebook, and a live streaming event with YouTube is in the works.

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