Debi Nova, "Drummer Boy"

Already a star in her home country, Costa Rican newcomer Debi Nova is positioning herself to achieve the same global appeal with "Drummer Boy" that Pitbull did last spring with "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)." Melody is the focal point on Nova's mainstream debut single, which suggestively plays off Christmas classic "Little Drummer Boy" and is led by her vivacious persona and sweet-yet-sultry vocals. "Everyone, wherever you're from/ Lovers, haters all get along/To the same parrum-pa-pum-pum," she sings over a soca-inspired pop production. The multitalented Nova, who has already collaborated with Ricky Martin, Sergio Mendes and Sean Paul, also plays piano and percussion on the track. Expect "Drummer Boy" to continue shaking things up this season, as it has warm-weather anthem potential written all over it. Nova's "Luna Nueva" album arrives in May on Decca through Academy Award-winning composer Gustavo Santaoalla's Surco label.