'American Idol' Recap: Casey James Nails 'Jealous Guy,' Bagpipes & Didgeridoo Steal Show

Casey James performs "Jealous Guy" on "American Idol."


6) Tim Urban, "All My Loving"

Last week I said there was nothing wrong with Casey James' frat party rock - I am now embarrassed to admit that I can't really find fault with Tim Urban's dorm room pop, either. I mean, it is what it is. He's the guy down the hall by the emergency exit who can sing pretty well. I'm like Simon, I've given up. His hair is shiny and his teeth are sparkly. If he wins it may be the downfall of the show. Whatever.

7) Casey "Goldilocks" James, "Jealous Guy"

All the time that Simon has been yammering at Katie Stevens to go country, it seems like he's overlooked the fact that maybe that's the road that Casey James should be following. I thought this was quite nice - his vibrato didn't even drive me crazy like it usually does and he didn't seem to be shielding his voice with his guitar. Between last week and this, he's really progressing nicely. His range may be limited, but he knows how to work it and he's really developing into a contender.

8) Siobhan Magnus, "Across the Universe"

Siobhan Magnus is lovely to listen to, as ever, but I could not understand a single word she was saying until she got to the chorus. She sort of seemed like she was lisping or singing through her nose. That being said, I thought she was wonderfully restrained when it came to hitting the high notes. It wasn't one of my favorites of the night, but my 15-year-old goth soul loved the Miss Havisham dress.

9) Lee DeWyze, "Hey Jude"

Oh, the worrywart thing makes so much sense! It totally explains Lee DeWyze's stage demeanor, which runs the spectrum from nervous to panicked. Allow me to admit my bias: This is my favorite song, ever. Chopping it from seven minutes to 1.5 doesn't do it any favors - and DEAR GOD ARE THOSE BAGPIPES? Is it obnoxious woodwind night on "Idol"? I thought Lee did OK, but that was even more distracting that what Crystal dealt with - and he's not nearly as good of a performer as Crystal.

So who's gonna go? I think Aaron Kelly is in trouble - it wasn't his best week, and he was the first to perform in the evening, which is when the least number of people are watching.

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